Growing season 2021

The growing season of summer 2021 began on May 8th. The sowing season started on 4th of May and were finished on 18th of June. The reason for the long sowing period was the heavy rains in May and early June. Patch sowings were carried out largely in June due to unstable weather and wetness in the fields.

A hot and dry period took place at the end of June and the beginning of July. The 1st silage crop did not suffer from drought, but the 2nd silage crop was weak. The dates for silage harvesting were:
1st harvest 10.-11.6.
2nd harvest 21.–23.7.
3rd harvest 16.–18.9.

Faba beans and cereals suffered from heat and drought, which left crop levels low. Pastures also suffered and therefore animals in pasture were further fed on bales.

On 27th of July, the harvesting started with pea. The heavy rains in August did not affect the harvest. The harvesting was finished on September 16th. Some of the plots were challenged by a large number of weeds, which made it difficult to harvest the cereals.

There were 20 organic tests and a total of 488 different subplots.

Crops in 2021: