In organic dairy production the maximum portion of concentrates is 40 % of the dry matter content of the feed. Mustiala campus farm aims at producing the forage feeds and cereals for the herd self-sufficiently. Different seed mixes are used for grasses grown for silage and pasture. The applicability of maize for silage is part of the tests on the farm. Barley and oats are complemented with peas  and faba beans. The cereals are rolled/ground and mixed by a contractor.

All feed components are analysed. Silage samples are taken several times to determine the variation in nutrient and dry matter contents. Any changes are updated to the feeding plan KarjaKompassi provided by ProAgria. 

The automatic feeder mixes and distributes the rations for different groups of animals. The mixed rations are complemented with the concentrates the cows get from the automatic milking system. During the summer months all animal groups graze on pastures. The calves get milk feed until the age of three months.