The average yield of 77 cows in 2021 was 9427 kg of milk with 3.96% fat and 3.24% protein. Energy-corrected (ECM) output was 9343 kg. Organic farms had an average of 66 cows after the ECM yield was 9610 kg. In Mustiala, the best yield was 10687 kg ECM in 2017.

Mustiala’s herd includes all dairy breeds grown in Finland. You can find breed-specific results in the annual report link below. Regarding the per-cow yields, it is worth mentioning the Ayrshire cows Mustialan Omar with an energy-corrected yield of 111268 kg and Mustialan Oktaavi with a yield of 11528 kg. Among the Holstein cows, the best were Mustialan Natalie 13254 kg and Mustialan Milka 13254 kg e.g. Of the Jersey cows, Mustialan Orbit and Mustialan Nana both achieved 9500 kg ECM yield. The LSK-bred Oila milked an output of 8856 kg nicely.

The milk is sold to Tuottajain Maito in Riihimäki, with whom an agreement has been made for organic milk. The farm has automatic milking, but due to the size of the herd and the training, part of the herd is also milked at the milking station all the time.

Tuotannon vuosiraportti 2021 (ProAgria) (in Finnish)