In 2020 the average milk yield per cow was 9527 kg milk. The average fat content was 3,96 % and protein content 3,24 %. The energy-corrected milk yield (ECM) per cow was 9343 kg. The average ECM on Finnish organic dairy farms was 9610 kg and the average milking herd size was 66 cows. The best yield on Mustiala farm has been 10687 kg ECM in 2017.

There are cows from all the dairy breeds commonly kept in Finland. The yields vary a lot from one breed to the next. Of the Ayrshire cows the best were Mustialan Lucy 12074 kg and Mustialan Onnentyttö with 12119 kg. The two best Holstein cows were Mustialan Natalie 13374 kg and Mustialan Natrium 12912 kg.

The organic milk contract is with Tuottajain Maito Riihimäki.

Besides the automatic milking system, the cowhouse also has a small milking parlour for educational purposes.