Research area maps

Research fields, growing season 2022

Nurmi= grass
Vilja= cereal crop
Härkäpapu/ herne= fava bean/ pea
Seosvilja= mixed cereal crop
Maissi= maize

Year 2022

1. Cultivation experimen
2. Intercropping, fiber experiment
3. Cultivation experiment
4. Cultivation of winter canola and winter fava bean
5. Clover experiment
6. Fertilizer experiment of cereal crops (Hankkija and Yara)
7. Heritage potatoes
8. Biochar field
9. Observation lanes of grass (Naturcom)
10. Cultivation of fodder maize (Berner)
11. Renewal of pasture lane
12. Clover experiment
13. Fertilizer experiment of winter wheat
14. Cultivation without tillage
15. Experiment of deed rooted grass plants
16. The affects of fertilizer fiber to carbon sequestration
17. Heritage grain field plots
18. Fertilizer experiment plots of cereal crops (Canasta)
19. Carbon sequestration comparison grass/ cereal crops
20. Carbo Action -grass
22. Tracking of pollinators
23. Experiment on the effects of mowing hight to grass growth
24. Rye (which was used in slash and burn agriculture)