Field 17 Ojala

Basic information about the field

Area: 4,92 ha
Soil type: Humus rich sandy clay

Irregularly shaped field, which has stiff soil type that affects the chose crops. Particular about the cultivation times.

Rehabilitation procedures: Clearing the ditches 2020.

Crop rotation

2023 Silage grass
2022 Silage grass
2021 Oat, Niklas

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Cultivation activities


Cultivation activities

Silage grass
27.4.2023 Fertilizer: cattle slurry 18 th/ha
14.6.2023 Harvesting silage, yield 2222,28 kg ka/ha
15.6.2023 Harvesting silage, yield 2599,02 kg ka/ha
7.8.2023 Harvesting silage, yield 6152,13 kg ka/ha


Cultivation activities

Silage grass
12.6.2022 Mowing
13.6.2022 Harvesting silage, yield 1400 kg dm/ha
16.6.2022 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 40 tn/ha
31.7.2022 Mowing and swathing
1.8.2022 Baling, yield 2400 kg dm/ha
10.8.2022 Additional sowing



Cultivation activities

Oat, Niklas + grass seed
3.-4.6.2021 Harrowing twice, goosefoot harrow
4.6.2021 Sowing: oat, Niklas 206 kg/ha and grass seed mixture, Mustiala 2021 30 kg/ha
31.8. and 1.9.2021 Threshing, yield 1245 kg/ha

Oat yield map

Cultivation activities

Inter cropping; pea, fava bean, barley, oat, wheat and Italian rye-grass
27.-28.5.2020 Harrowing, goosefoot harrow
28.5.2020 Sowing, inter cropping; cereal crops 175 kg/ha, legumes 80 kg/ha, Italian rye-grass 8 kg/ha
In the mixture:
Pea Astronaut 160 kg
Fava bean Sampo 180 kg
Fava bean Kontu 60 kg
Barley Elmeri 80 kg
Barley RGT Planet 300 kg
Barley Justus 60 kg
Oat Merri 60 kg
Oat Matty 195 kg
Wheat Wappu 60 kg
15.6.2020 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 15 tn/ha
26.8.2020 Harvesting whole grain silage
24.9.2020 Plowing

3.8.2020 Pea pods are starting to develop. Barley has suffered from wetness. 

Fertility analysis 19.12.2022:

Sampling line 2022:

Fertility analysis 2.5.2018:

Vocabulary for reading fertility analysis:

Numero= number
Peruslohkotunnus= basic field id-number
Nimi= name
Maalaji= soil type
Multavuus= type of humus
Johtoluku= electrical conductivity
Kationinvaihtokapasiteetti= cation exchange capacity
Kalkitustarve= need for liming
Suositeltava kalkituslaji= recommended lime type
Hehkutushäviö= annealing loss
NIR skannaus= NIR scanning
Yksikkö= unit
Tonni= ton
Vapaavalintainen= free choice

2019 Intercropping: oat and barley, variety experiments
2018 Silage grass
2017 Silage grass
2016 Oat, Akseli (protective crop)
2015 Fava bean Fuego as silage
2014 Oat Aslak
2013 Oat Aslak
2012 Barley Tiril
2011 Cumin Niederdeutscher
2010 Canola Cordelia