Field 23 Etu-Lassila

Basic information about the field

Area: 6,23 ha
Soil type: Humus rich sandy loam

There are issues with the water economy on the field on north side of the forest batch and on south edge of the field. The south edge issues with the water economy are due to digging a water pipe. Long term research on measuring carbon sequestration is conducted on the field.

Rehabilitation measures: Summer 2020, the edges of the forest batch were cleared and new drainage was installed for 25 m next to the west corner junction.

Crop rotation

2023 Winter wheat, Ceylon
2022 Silage grass
2021 Silage grass


2022 Carbon Action (online field data)

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Cultivation activities

Cultivation activities

Winter wheat
25.4.2023 Fertilizer: cattle slurry 16,6 tn/ha
6.5.2023 Fertilizer: Yara Bio 10-4-1, 128,6 kg/ha
14.5.2023 Sowing: catch-crop Italian rye-grass 3 kg/ha
18.8.2023 Harvest: yield 3339,07 kg/ha

The winter wheat was sown in September 2022. In June 2023 growth is well and rate is four node degree.

Cultivation activities

Silage grass
5.5.2022 Harrowing the weeds
6.5.2022 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 20 tn/ha
12.6.2022 Harvesting silage, yield 1800 kg dm/ha
17.6.2022 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 22 tn/ha
29.7.2022 Harvesting silage, yield 1100 kg dm/ha
8.8.2022 Installing drainage
1.9.2022 Plowing
2.9.2022 Light cultivation, shovel roller harrow
6.9.2022 Harrowing, plate harrow
8.9.2022 Sowing, autumn wheat Ceylon 217 kg/ha, fertilizer YaraSuna Bio 10-4-1, 290 kg





Cultivation activities

Silage grass
20.4.2021 Additional sowing with rake, additional grass seed mixture 10 kg/ha
10.6.2021 Mowing
12.6.2021 Swathing and baling, yield 1978 kg dm/ha
15.-16.6.2021 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 35 tn/ha
23.7.2021 Harvesting silage, yield 1447 kg dm/ha
18.9.2021 Harvesting silage, yield 1386 kg dm/ha

21.7.2021 Aerial image with drone

Cultivation activities

Silage grass
27.5.2020 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure + Ecolan Agra 3-0-0 vinasse 15 tn/ha
13.6.2020 Mowing
14.6.2020 Swathing
14.6.2020 Harvesting silage (yield nonexistent)
27.7.2020 Harvesting silage, yield 1815 kg dm/ha
14.9.2020 Harvesting silage, yield 1575 kg dm/ha

Fertility analysis 19.12.2022

Sampling line 2022:

Fertility analysis 2.5.2018:

Vocabulary for reading fertility analysis:

Numero= number
Peruslohkotunnus= basic field id-number
Nimi= name
Maalaji= soil type
Multavuus= type of humus
Johtoluku= electrical conductivity
Kationinvaihtokapasiteetti= cation exchange capacity
Kalkitustarve= need for liming
Suositeltava= recommended lime type
NIR skannaus= NIR scanning
Tonni= ton
Vapaavalintainen= free choice

2019 Oat, Niklas (protective crop)
2018 Oat, Matty (protective crop)
2017 Oat, Matty
2016 Silage grass
2015 Perennial silage grass
2014 Perennial silage grass
2013 Perennial silage grass
2012 Perennial silage grass
2011 Barley, Tipple + grass seed, hay-grass mixture
2010 Oat, Aslak