Field 28 Kylmäoja

Basic information about the field

Area: 6,46 ha
Soil type: Humus rich sandy loam

Field is flat, multiform and stiff from soil type. The soil type is particular about cultivation times.

Crop rotation

2023 Silage grass
2022 Oat (protective crop)
2021 Barley, RGT Planet

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Cultivation procedures

Silage grass

Cultivation procedures

Oat (protective crop)
22.5.2022 Plate harrow
24.5.2022 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 22 tn/ha
25.5.2022 Harrowing
25.5.2022 Sowing, oat Niklas 202 kg/ha
30.5.2022 Rolling
6.9.2022 Threshing, yield 2000 kg/ha
24.9.2022 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 16 tn/ha

Yield map 2022

Cultivation procedure

Barley, RGT planet
7.6.2021 Harrowing three times, goosefoot harrow
7.-8.6.2021 Sowing: barley RGT Planet 260 kg/ha
17.6.2021 Sowing: English rye-grass 10 kg/ha (cover crop)
14. ja 16.9.2021 Threshing, yield 496 kg/ha
18.9.2021 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 15 tn/ha
17.11.2021 Plowing

3.9.2021 The growth is thin

Barley yield map

Cultivation procedures

Silage grass
4.5.2020 Additional sowing
5.5.2020 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure + Ecolan Agra 3-3-0 vinasse 15 tn/ha
11.6.2020 Mowing
12.6.2020 Swathing
12.6.2020 Harvesting silage
15.6.2020 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 15 tn/ha
27.7.2020 Harvesting silage, yield 1571 kg dm/ha
14.9.2020 Harvesting silage, yield 593 kg dm/ha
15.10.2020 Plowing

220520 Growth index image. The green area in the middle of the image, is forest island.

Fertility analysis 19.12.2022:

Sampling line 2022:

Fertility analysis 2.5.2018:

Vocabulary for reading fertility analysis:

Numero= number
Peruslohkotunnus= basic field id-number
Nimi= name
Maalaji= soil type
Multavuus= type of humus
Johtoluku= electrical conductivity
Kationinvaihtokapasiteetti= cation exchange capacity
Kalkitustarve= need for liming
Suositeltava= recommended lime type
NIR skannaus= NIR scanning
Tonni= ton
Vapaavalintainen= free choice

2019 Silage grass
2018 Oat, Matty (protective crop)
2017 Barley, Elmeri
2016 Barley, Elmeri
2015 Oat, Akseli
2014 Malt barley, Harbinger
2013 Barley, Tiril
2012 Oat, Aslak
2011 Spring canola, Cordelia
2010 Oat, Akseli