Field 7 Uusikylä

Basic information about the field

Pinta-ala: 7,51 ha
Maalaji: humus rich sandy loam, sandy moraine with humus

Field bordering directly to field road. From the other egde, very unevenly shaped. Both ends of the field have been having problems with water economy. Part of the field is protection zone, commitment started in 2015.

Crop rotation

2022 Silage grass
Silage grass
2020 Barley, RGT -Planet (protective crop) 

Research and experiment

Weed research
Clover reasearch

202220212020Soil samplesCrop rotation

Cultivation procedures
Silage grass
9.5.2022 Harrowing the weeds
12.6.2022 Mowing
13.6.2022 Harvesting silage, yield 2200 kg dm/ha
30.7.2022 Harvesting silage, yield 1000 kg dm/ha
22.9.2022 Harvesting silage, yield 292 kg dm/ha


Cultivation procedures

Silage grass
20.4.2021 Additional sowing of grass with rake, additional sowing mixture 10 kg/ ha
30.4.2021 Rolling
10.6.2021 Harvesting silage, yield 3316 kg dm/ha
23.7.2021 Harvesting silage, yield 1608 kg dm/ha
18.9.2021 Harvesting silage, yield 893 kg dm/ha

Field scanning: Uusikylä

8.6.2021 Growth picture
21.7.2021 Clover

Cultivation procedures

Barley -RGT Planet (protective crop) 

27.4.2020 Harrowing, evening the soil
28.4.2020 Fertilizer, Soilfood Boost NK vinasse 2 tn/ha
29.-30.4.2020 Harrowing, goosefoot harrow
30.4.2020 Sowing, Ohra, RGT-Planet, 280 kg/ha
17.8.2020 Threshing, yield 4009 kg/ha
20.8.2020 Harvesting straws

12.5.2020 Barley has started to grow

26.5.2020 Warm weather has been good for the growth

22.6.2020 Barley is spiking

22.6.2020 Growth is good, although suffering a bit from drought

Two upper pictures 3.8.2020. Growth is good and quite even.

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on Lohko-7-ohra-2020.png

Yield map from summer 2020

Fertility analysis 27.11.2020:

Soil NIR-analysis (27.11.2020)

Vocabulary for reading fertility analysis:

Numero= number
Peruslohkotunnus= basic field id-number
Nimi= name
Maalaji= soil type
Multavuus= type of humus
Johtoluku= electrical conductivity
Kationinvaihtokapasiteetti= cation exchange capacity
Kalkitustarve= need for liming
Suositeltava kalkituslaji= recommended lime type
Hehkutushäviö= annealing loss
NIR skannaus= NIR scanning
Yksikkö= unit
Tonni= ton
Vapaavalintainen= free choice

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