Field 8 Nokkamäki

Basic information about the field

Area: 4,42 ha
Soil type: Hummus rich coarse sand

The field is divers from edges and topography. Soil types are fine sand and sand moraine. There is a protection zone (0,57 ha), which is clay, bordering the shore on the lower part of the field. On the west edge of the field, there is a test field (1 ha), where there is an area of 0,5 ha with 10 m wide biochar lanes. The test field is meant for long term research on absorption of nutrients. The ditch on Runkomäki side was cleared in autumn 2020.

Crop rotation

2023 Silage grass
2022 Spring wheat, Leijona
2021 Pea, Astronaut

Research and experiments

Bio char field, long term research, 2019-
Tracking of pea moth, 2021
Potassium and sulfur fertilizer experiment (Soili 1-0-18-11), 2021
Fertilizer experiment with recycled nutrients, 2022

2023202220212020Soil samplesCrop rotation

Cultivation procedures

Silage grass
20.4.2023 Grass patching seeding
20.7.2023 Ploughing
21.7.2023 Cultivating
22.7.2023 Sowing, grass seeds
22.7.2023 Rolling

On August 10, the grass seeds have sprouted evenly.

Cultivation procedures

Spring wheat, Leijona (4,4 ha)
5.-6.5.2022 Plowing
9.5.2022 Harrowing 1, goosefoot harrow
10.5.2022 Harrowing 2, goosefoot harrow
10.5.2022 Fertilizer, potassium sulfate, surface spreading 200 kg/ha
10.5.2022 Sowing: spring wheat Leijona 300 kg/ha and fertilizer experiment Yara Biosuna 600 kg/ha, 900 kg/ha
6.6.2022 Sowing: Grass seed, Retu-kuohk. 30 kg/ha
17.5.2022 Fertilizer 2 ha: liquid Amazinc 1 l/ha and Biotrac 1 l/ha
25.8.2022 Threshing, yield 2700 kg/ha

Fertilizer experiment (2022)
Fertilizer: Yara Suna

Lane N 0= 3040 kg/ha
Lane N 60= 4640 kg/ha
Lane N 90= 5260 kg/ha

Read more about the experiment from information card.

16.6.2022 Dense vegetation with not much weed pressure. There is a clear color difference between the unfertilized and the one that received 900 kilos of YaraSuna. Lush-looking vegetation. There is no color difference between 600 and 900 kilos. There are some side shoots, but not many.

Yield map 2022

Drone picture of the field

Map about the fertilizer experiment, 2022

Cultivation procedures

Pea, Astronaut (4,4 ha)
3.-4.5.2021 Harrowing twice, goosefoot harrow
4.5.2021 Sowing: Pea Astronaut 314 kg/ha + fertilizer (Soili 1-0-18-11) 111 kg/ha
27.7.2021 Threshing, yield 2864 kg/ha
11.8.2021 Sowing, nitrogen capturing mixture: English rye-grass, Persian clover, alfalfa Jögeva, white clover 5,8 kg/ha

Protection zone grass (0,57 ha)
21.6.2021 Harvesting dry hay, yield 830 kg dm/ha

19.5.2021 Pea is germinating
3.6.2021 Pea is growing
Pea yield map

Cultivation procedures

Winter wheat Ceylon
7.5.2020 Fertilizer, Ecolan Agra 8-4-8, 400 kg/ha (about 1,5 ha) + Yara Bio 8-4-2, 400 kg/ha (about 2 ha)
18.8.2020 Threshing, yield 3852 kg/ha
21.8.2020 Harvesting straws
3.9.2020 Harrowing, goosefoot harrow
7.10.2020 Plowing

7.5.2020 Fertilizing the block

7.5.2020 Fertilizing the block

4.6.2020 COLOR-index image. Best growth can be detected in the middle of the field. The green area on the right in the image, is shadow from the forest. Up on the right is the variety experiment and left from that is open field production area (more information below).

June 20 heat camera image from field Nokkamäki. The warmer (comparable for the heat camera image’s growth index image) the growth is, the more green color there is, so there is growth.


22.6.2020 Autumn wheat spiking

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on Lohko-8-4m-pixeli.png

Yield map 2020

Open field production area (carrot etc.)
5.5.2020 Plowing
22.5.2020 Cultivation
27.5.2020 Sowing, carrot
28.5.2020 Planting, potato
1.6.2020 Planting, yellow and red onion
1.6.2020 Sowing, black salsify, root parsley, leaf parsley, beet root, striped beet root
2.6.2020 Sowing, turnip and swede
4.6.2020 Sowing, zucchini in a pot
23.6.2020 Planting, zucchini in the open field
24.6.2020 Observation: Due to drought and despite of irrigation, only the carrots have germinated. Onion is growing well.

6.5.2020 Plowing the open field

22.6.2020 Potato has started growing nicely. There is net on top of the carrots, which is preventing the pests accessing the plants. White goosefoot is unfortunately taking area from the carrot.

22.6.2020 Huttula garden

Protection zone grass

10.6.2020 Mowing
11.6.2020 Baling

Fertility analysis 26.11.2021:

Vocabulary for reading fertility analysis:

Numero= number
Peruslohkotunnus= basic field id-number
Nimi= name
Maalaji= soil type
Multavuus= type of humus
Johtoluku= electrical conductivity
Kationinvaihtokapasiteetti= cation exchange capacity
Kalkitustarve= need for liming
Suositeltava kalkituslaji= recommended lime type
Hehkutushäviö= annealing loss
NIR skannaus= NIR scanning
Yksikkö= unit
Tonni= ton
Vapaavalintainen= free choice

Field Nokkamäki sampling lines 7 ja 8:

2019 Silage grass
2018 Oat, Matty (protection crop)
2017 Mixed cereal crop, oat Matty and barley Streif
2016 Spring wheat, Amaretto
2015 Pea Rocket
2014 Barley Tiril
2013 Spring wheat Anniina
2012 Spring wheat Anniina
2011 Spring wheat Anniina
2010 Spring canola Cordelia