Nature management fields and forests

Mustiala has many small nature management fields, forest pastures and other small areas outside of actual cultivation. A nature management field is a field or part of it where natural diversity is maintained and the nutrient load from the fields is reduced.

The natural management field must be mowed to prevent the area from becoming overgrown. There is no obligation for harvesting. The field is kept with plant coverage, but it cannot be fertilized. The permanent nature management fields in Mustiala are:

Field 25 Pikku-Lassila (1,81 ha).
Field 29A Iso-Lassila 2 (0,49 ha).
Field 39A Navettapelto (0,34 ha).

In addition to this, there are the following other cultivation areas:

Nokkamäki pasture
Horse paddock on field Tallilohko
Currant field
Grass on Renkitupa
Wooded pasture on field Perunakuoppa

The forest areas near the campus area are used for grazing (Raikon metsä, Lannoitevarasto, Kaski, Kuivurin metsä and Pajarinteen haat).