Field 31 Härkihaka

Basic information about the field

Area: 4,56 ha
Soil type: humus rich sandy loam

The field is bordering a road from two sides, but is misshapen from edges. Stiffness of the soil type restricts the plant choices.

Restoration procedures: The outcome of the drainage was renewed in autumn 2020

Crop rotation

2023 Fava bean, Louhi and oat, Harmony
2022 Barley
2021 Rye, Reetta

Research and experiments

2023 Effect of nutrient fibre on carbon sequestration (HiiletIn)
2022 Diversity in the field -project

202320222020Soil samplesCrop rotation

Cultivation procedures

Fava bean, oat + grass seed
15.5.2023 Harrowing
16.5.2023 Sowing: Louhi 259 kg/ha, Harmony 40 kg/ha
20.5.2023 Sowing: Retu-hiilinurmiseos 30 kg/ha
23.10.2023 Harvest: fava bean, yield 1427,10 kg/ha

Nutrient fibre has been applied to the field in 2022. The field is used to study carbon sequestration in soil and there is gas measurement are in the field by HiiletIn.


Cultivation procedures

During the growing season, three different varieties of barley were cultivated on the field. In addition, experiments on the use of recycled fertilizers and field crops were conducted on the field.

21.5.2022 Evening the soil by harrowing
23.5.2022 Harrowing
24.5.2022 Spreading fiber
24.5.2022 Sowing, barley
13.9.2022 Threshing
24.9.2022 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 16 tn/ha
30.9.2022 Plowing


Yield map barley 2022

Map about the experiments 2022


Five heritage wheat and seven oats (two normal varieties and five heritage oat varieties) were cultivated in the experimental field of the Diversity in the field -project. Oats were in seed production. Mineral and sugar analyzes were commissioned for heritage wheat varieties. Yield data, thousand-grain weight and protein percentage were collected from heritage wheat.

Map from test plots.


Kaura= oat
Mustakaura= black oat (Finnish heritage variety)
Vehnä= wheat

Cultivation procedures

Perennial silage grass
4.5.2020 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 25 tn/ha
4.5.2020 Additional sowing
10.6.2020 Mowing
10.6.2020 Swathing
11.6.2020 Baling
15.6.2020 Fertilizer, slurry cow manure 15 tn/ha
27.7.2020 Harvesting silage, yield 1294 kg/ha
24.-27.8.2020 Plowing
27.8.-1.9.2020 Harrowing, plate harrow
28.8.-1.9.2020 Harrowing, goosefoot harrow
1.9.2020 Sowing, rye Reetta 185 kg/ha

220520 Stable growth can be seen in the growth index. There were not as many kilos in the first harvest as anticipated.

Fertility analysis 19.12.2022:

Sampling line 2022:

Fertility analysis 2.5.2018:

Vocabulary for reading fertility analysis:

Numero= number
Peruslohkotunnus= basic field id-number
Nimi= name
Maalaji= soil type
Multavuus= type of humus
Johtoluku= electrical conductivity
Kationinvaihtokapasiteetti= cation exchange capacity
Kalkitustarve= need for liming
Suositeltava= recommended lime type
NIR skannaus= NIR scanning
Tonni= ton
Vapaavalintainen= free choice

2019 Silage grass
2018 Oat, Matty
2017 Silage grass
2016 Silage grass
2015 Perennial silage grass
2014 Perennial silage grass
2013 Barley Tiril + grass seed with clover (timothy hay Tammisto, meadow fescue Kalevi, red clover Altaswede, red clover SW Yngve, red clover Ilte)